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Digital Transformation

Designing top class, seamless solutions.

A Mobile-first Evangelist, who is not afraid to get hands-on.

Ten years of experience in Product Design and Financial Software Development. A strong project leader and team manager. Used to having ownership and accountability for multiple areas at once.
Focused on designing end to end, scalable, cost optimized and automatic human-free processes, based on seamless user experience.

Focused on Users

Designing solutions based on user needs.

Cross dependencies

Connecting the dots between systems, layers and events to ensure best in class, seamless solutions.

Multi layer architecture

Legacy on premises and cloud solutions experience.

Outcomes before outputs

Reaching strategic goals.

Growth through value

Value driven in day to day environment. 

Unprecedented Ownership.
Impeccable Reliability.

During my career I gained knowledge of customer needs, as well as internal and external requirements, or restrictions typical for financial institutions business environment. I’m proud that I’ve successfully embraced the opportunity to be the Solution Designer in creation process of two fully digital banks (T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe Poland and Telekom Banking Romania). This experience allowed me to smoothly lead two technical operational mergers, From Alior Sync to T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe, and then to Alior Bank S.A.

In 2016-2021, I had run simultaneously two complex Digital Transformation Programs, in two markets: T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe Poland and Telekom Banking Romania. Main applications that I was responsible for, were: Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Backoffice, CMS and Applications Platform, including Customer Origination Process.
My daily responsibilities included direct management of a team of business-system analysts, graphic designers, UX / UI designers, and Release managers. Together with dedicated internal and external teams, we developed systems - from collecting requirements, through design and implementation, to commercial use. We were also accountable for system maintenance on a daily basis. 

Bio in Numbers


Years of Experience


Years influencing the teams


Digital Banking platforms hands on



Technical Mergers of Financial sytems


Implementations, integrations, optimalizations

Digital Experience


Are You Ready?

Digital revolution is here.
The shape of the word has changed. The way we experience life is also changing every day.

People long for certainty in the uncertain future we face. To be successful digital transformation must be balanced. It has to feel right. We need to ensure it fits the purpose and brings freedom to users while guaranteeing privacy, security and compliance.

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